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About Easipay Flooring

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Easipay Flooring's Company Mission

What We Do - Affordable Flooring Plans

Easipay Flooring as a company offers an ever expanding range of flooring types and styles. We believe that happiness starts at home, and nothing makes a home feel more relaxing than a comfortable, high quality flooring. We offer our luxury flooring types at affordable prices by breaking down the costs, completely interest free, so that more people can invest in long lasting, quality flooring.

Why We Do It - Making Luxury Attainable Again

Our goal as a company has shifted through the last several years in reflection of the UK’s financial situation. At a time where the UK workforce is being realistically paid less, while everything from fuel to food is costing more, the nicer things in life are seeming more and more out of reach. This is the issue we aim to fix, and have done so for thousands of customers over the past few years. 

As well as being made from higher quality materials, we all know that luxury flooring makes sense economically. The phrase “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice” is true about many things, and flooring is a prime example of this. Our flooring is longer lasting and more durable, making it much more likely to far outlive flooring from cheap flooring ranges but we provide it in a way which means more people can afford to invest in quality flooring.

This isn’t to say we don’t offer budget ranges – we do, the flooring we offer is on a spectrum of price points, however even our budget ranges are high quality which you can feel under your toes. 

Our High Standards Across The Board

Our High Standards are evidenced at various points within the company. Our flooring is luxury in nature but not in price – we work hard to source High Quality, Long Lasting, Comfortable Flooring to provide our customers with a premium product they’ll enjoy for years. 

Our admin teams are highly experienced and our number one aim is customer satisfaction. Any issues you have, we’ll be sure to help with a kind and friendly approach by all staff members. 

Our fitting teams also enforce our high standards for quality workmanship – with their experience often spanning decades. You can see from many of our reviews that our fitting teams are highly praised by our customers!

Our sales reps are in charge of the home visits, and they’ve got the industry knowledge to tell you what works best in each room and what flooring is most popular. They’re there to help you measure up and create a plan that works around you, and as such, they’re understanding and professional. 

Our marketing team has a wealth of knowledge, and although our customers usually don’t meet them, they help to design your experiences with us as a company in an easy and straightforward way! 

The Lengths We Go To (And Where We Go)

We go to great lengths in every aspect of our company, after all if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We also go to great lengths throughout the country, with the areas we cover! We essentially cover from Birmingham up to just past Newcastle and most places in between – to be sure we operate in your area, please visit our “Locations Covered” page using the button below!