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The Many Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

And the benefits of purchasing your LVT the Easipay Way!

Luxury Vinyl - Like Vinyl, But Better.

Vinyl is one of the popular choices for flooring in the home, but Luxury Vinyl builds on every good feature it has. Luxury Vinyl flooring is thicker and more durable than standard vinyl flooring and it’s constructed with several protective layers. There’s the top clear layer which can add a shine to the design. There’s wear layers, that protect the flooring and the design layer underneath which is typically a high quality printed layer. Under that is a cushion layer of foam to make it comfortable to walk on and typically a fiberglass backing layer or a solid PVC layer which adds strength and rigidity. This construction creates many benefits to LVT. Let’s have a look at the main positives to Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring.

LVT Benefit #1: Its High Quality Appearance

Luxury in build, Luxury in style. LVT gives you the options of either wood or stone effect flooring, and thanks to its high quality design layer that’s protected by a thick wear layer, this appearance will keep up for years to come. The design aspect means you get to enjoy a contemporary design in a flooring suited to many rooms. Stone flooring in the bathroom for helping create the Zen environment to de-stress in the bath after a tough day. Wood flooring in the kitchen to emphasise either a classy or rustic scheme with a flooring that will endure any spills or smashes as a result of cooking for years to come.

LVT Benefit #2: Excellent Endurance

Because LVT has such a thick wear layer, it means it’s almost impervious to water and splashes, it’ll also handle any scratch issues from general wear and pets claws. Foot traffic is not an issue and those that do walk across your stunning new floor will be comfortable, thanks to that spongey foam layer at the centre of its construction. LVT is a popular choice of flooring in bathrooms and wet rooms thanks to its high resistance to water and splashes, meaning wet foot steps as you exit the shower will not damage the flooring. It’s also becoming increasingly more common to see Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring in kitchens as any spills from your food prep endeavours are easily wiped clean. 

LVT Benefit #3: Comfort Isn't Compromised

Typically, hard flooring such as laminate or stone turns durability up to 11 and sacrifices comfort as a result, being uncomfortably cold to walk across and if you’re walking around the home a lot you might start to feel your knees hurt as there’s no give in the flooring. Luxury Vinyl Tile however does not compromise in these areas. This is all thanks again to that spongey layer in the middle of the tiles. The tiny air bubbles within the foam act as an insulating barrier for warmth, keeping rooms a little bit warmer, your feet a little bit warmer and as there’s a slight compression when you step on LVT, it’s comfortable to walk across! 

LVT Benefit #4: Easy To Clean and Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of LVT, and hard flooring types in general, is how easily they clean up. Luxury Vinyl tile is ideal for the messier kind of rooms – the kitchens, the bathrooms and so on. Any spillages are easily taken care of, even the most stain inducing dropped food are a kitchen roll wipe and perhaps a wet wipe away from being back to pristine. 

All Things Considered:

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are quickly becoming a popular choice for anyone looking for something a little bit different. Although LVT flooring gives you a soft cushioned elegance in any room, the fact that it’s 100% waterproof and will clean with just a quick wipe makes it a no-brainer to lay in your kitchen or bathroom too.

It’s an innovative product that’s made from multiple layers of PVC vinyl and calcium carbonate, carefully compressed and dried with heat and air, then finished with a top layer that gives you a realistic natural look of wood or stone. And it’s easy to lay in flexible strips, a bit like a laminate.

If you’re looking for that ideal combination of a fresh new look and a low maintenance product then LVT is the one for you. Check out our range of finishes and try our magical visualiser if you want to see how fabulous your room will look when you’re done.

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