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The Many Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring

And the benefits of purchasing your Vinyl the Easipay Way!

Vinyl Flooring is a strong contender for rooms with moisture.

Vinyl flooring has a lot of the desirable features of laminate such as the scratch resistance and high durability, but they really come into their own league when you have vinyl in rooms with high chances of splashes or moisture. These would be rooms such as bathrooms, wet rooms or utility rooms used for laundry. The benefits of vinyl are as follows:


Vinyl Benefit #1: Aesthetics

With vinyl flooring you’ll get much more options in terms of design than you would with laminate flooring. You can choose wood effect still, but you’re also open to stone appearances too which are a popular choice for bathrooms. Like its wood based counterpart, vinyl has also come along leaps and bounds in the last decade or so making it much more visually appealing and realistic. 

Vinyl Benefit #2: Easily installed, easily cleaned.

Vinyl also comes in planks/strips much like laminate, but instead of a tongue and groove construction it’s simply installed flat on the floor with adhesive. The sides are all flat which allows the planks to be pushed tightly together, reducing the chance that moisture can penetrate below the flooring. Vinyl also handles moisture a lot easier as a result of this – it won’t swell at the edges where laminate could. 

It maintains the ability to be easily wiped down, vacuumed and mopped. Most standard cleaning solutions are fine to use on vinyl flooring so cleaning and maintaining this popular flooring choice is a walk in the park!

Vinyl Benefit #3: High Durability

Thanks to its tough top layer, vinyl is also very durable. It’s scratch resistant, wipe clean and handles chemicals well. It has a spongey layer under the surface which makes it comfortable to walk across but it’ll also handle heavy foot traffic as a result too. Most vinyl will also have an embossed top layer, giving it a texture similar to the style option you go for which is typically wood or stone and this also aids grip under wet feet so if you step out of a shower onto vinyl, you’re less likely to slip. 

Vinyl Benefit #4: Slightly Warmer Than Laminate or Tile

Thanks to its spongey base layer which makes vinyl much more appealing to walk over than a truly hard surface, it’s also slightly warmer to the touch too. This foam layer traps tiny pockets of air which helps create a thermal barrier. Rooms will keep their warmth in slightly easier as a result but it’ll also disperse heat on the surface less. The reason laminate and stone feel cold underfoot is because they take the heat from your feet and spread it out, and vinyl isn’t as effective in this so the warmth stays in your feet. 

It’ll still feel cool to the touch but you won’t need slippers to walk across it when it’s cold outside. 

All Things Considered:

There are so many reasons to love vinyl flooring. For a long time it’s had a reputation for being the practical alternative to carpet and indeed it is extremely durable, but it’s so much more.

Available in a wide variety of super stylish colour palettes and patterns it will brighten up your bathroom, kick start your kitchen renovation, and add the wow factor wherever you choose to put it. The cushion-backed softness lets you pad around comfortably in your socks, while the durable top layer is ridiculously easy to clean when you, your kids or your pets have those occasional or everyday spills.

If you’re hunting for a hard-wearing flooring option for your home or busy work space that looks great on day one and on every day after that, then our vinyl selection is here for you.

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