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The Many Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

And the benefits of purchasing your Laminate the Easipay Way!

Laminate Flooring is your Kitchen's best friend.

Kitchens and Dining Rooms are typically where you’ll find Laminate flooring. They bring together the perfect blend of functionality and style by mimicking the look of hardwood flooring with a strong, resistant layer on top. The perfect flooring for homes with pets and children. 


Laminate Benefit #1: Aesthetics

Laminate flooring typically comes in one style – wood effect. It’s made of composite wood that’s pressed together at high temperature with a visual layer (the wood effect) and a protective layer on top. In recent years the appearance of wood has gotten more and more realistic to the point where it can be hard to spot the difference. Laminate flooring brings your home a sense of elegance and contemporary style that’s hard to match elsewhere. Many examples of laminate are actually embossed on the surface so it even feels like hardwood under your feet!

Laminate Benefit #2: Simple Maintenance and Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons to invest in laminate flooring in your home, particularly in the kitchen, is how easy it is to clean. The protective layer is scratch resistant, water resistant and stain resistant. If you drop food off your plate, spill a drink or simply forget to cover a simmering pan, each of these can simply be wiped up with a cloth. A quick sweep or a vacuum is all Laminate needs to stay fresh and tidy. 

Where a carpet deep clean will set you back an hour or more, a deep clean for laminate is a quick mop with some soapy water! 

Laminate Benefit #3: Extreme Resilience

Homes with pets can avoid having their flooring scratched and any accidents swiftly wiped clean. Homes with young children can fret not as throw toddler food, crayon mishaps and the occasional nappy-less accident are all resisted by that strong protective layer. Heavy foot traffic is also taken on the chin, as dirt whether wet or dry is easily removed. 

Laminate is also ideal for dining rooms as the scratch resistance is very beneficial when pulling out and tucking in dining room chairs. If you do get a slight scratch then a good life-hack is to simply rub a walnut over it and watch the scratch disappear! UV Resistance means that you can even install laminate in conservatories and areas with lots of direct sunlight and it’ll fair a lot better than the likes of vinyl flooring will!

Laminate Benefit #4: Easy Installation

Laminate slots together via tongue and groove sections in the sides – this means it goes together quickly but it also means if you do have any terrible accidents that permanently damage a plank, you can replace it with a brand new one fairly easily and it won’t set you back much since it’s likely just 1 pack you’ll have to buy. If you’ve got any leftovers from installation then you’ll have this anyway!

All Things Considered:

Whether you’re completely overhauling your room or just giving it a mini-makeover, laminate flooring will definitely add a more subtle touch of sophistication to any setting. Long gone are the days when this was just the tough no-nonsense choice for the workplace. Now it fights it out with the other contenders to be the go-to option in any room in your home.

Whichever texture and finish you choose, your gorgeous floor will be the perfect blank canvas to start designing your dream room. It’s capable of coping with any messy dramas that crop up on a daily basis and it’s a breeze to keep clean without having to drag the vacuum out of the cupboard all the time.

Don’t just take our word for it, get your order in today and see exactly how a great laminate can transform your room from so-so to superb.

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