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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered.

Our Payment plans are super simple: Our customers are given a credit limit which lets them pick out flooring they love for any room in the home. They then pay off this credit limit over time with small weekly or monthly payments. The credit limit has no interest, so if for example your flooring cost £500, you’d have that £500 to pay off whether you paid off £50 per week or £10 per week. 

Of course! We only ask that you pay the equivalent of at least £10 per week. This can all be discussed with you during your initial home visit. 

Nothing. Nada. Zero. 0% Interest rates on all of our payment plans, you simply pay off the credit amount given that covers the cost of providing you with high quality flooring. 

We do not perform credit checks, and we don’t impact your credit score. If you have a low credit score that’s fine by us, as long as we can see you have the ability to meet the payments on your plan.

The duration of your payment plan depends on two things, and is different for everyone. The first factor is the price of your flooring – this will be the amount you have to pay back over time. The second factor is how much you can pay on your plan. Let’s use £500 as an example – if you pay £10 per week, it’ll take you 50 weeks. If you pay £20 per week, it’ll only take 25 weeks. If you paid £50 per week, it’ll only take 10 weeks. 

Yep! We’ll provide underlay when you either don’t have one, or the one you have is either damaged or unsuitable. We don’t however, provide underlay for Vinyl flooring as the foam base layer acts as an underlay on its own. 

Your payment amount is discussed with you at your home visit, we ask for at least £10 per week but the more you pay, the faster your payment plan will be paid off.

Once we’ve seen a history of regular payments from you and know you can afford to increase the plan, we’ll give you the option of more flooring. 

When you book an appointment we’ll get in touch to book your initial home visit – we’ll have one of our staff members to come out at a time that suits you with samples of our flooring. We’ll discuss how the plans work, arrange an amount for your payments and measure up how much flooring we’ll need to install. 

Once you’ve paid the deposit, which you’ll be told about at your initial visit, we can arrange fitment with you at a date that suits you. 

We do not take away old flooring, you’ll have to arrange this yourself. We also ask that for your fitting date, if possible could you please move furniture out of the room to make it easier to fit your flooring.

You can find all of our Terms and Conditions on this page here.