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The Many Benefits Of Carpets

And the benefits of purchasing your carpets the Easipay Way!

Carpets are a staple flooring option in almost every home.

In Living Rooms and Bedrooms throughout the entire world, you’re likely to find carpets. But should you just go with the flow and have carpets because it’s the norm? Or do you want to make sure that with so many options out there, carpets are best option for the specific room you have in mind? With every flooring type there’s unique qualities specific to that option, carpet is no different. Let’s have a look at what only carpet can bring to the table, or living room.

Carpet Benefit #1: Aesthetics

Carpets help convey a feeling of warmth and homeliness. Create a home that is welcoming and comfortable for you and for guests. Enjoy sinking your toes into a fresh carpet and relaxing after a long day either at the office or being on your feet.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, alongside existing décor, you can opt from a huge range of carpets. They range through colours, shades, patterns, textures and thicknesses. If you’re one to opt for shorter, more hard wearing carpets you can easily vacuum, we’ve got your back. If you’d prefer a soft and fluffy carpet you could practically sleep on, we’ve also got you covered.

Carpet Benefit #2: Insulation

It’s true that carpets can help create a cosy appearance, but they can actually contribute to one in terms of temperature too. This happens because air gets trapped within the fibres of the carpet, which then acts as an insulating layer. It’s the same principal behind loft insulation!

What’s more is that if you also go with a quality underlay too, which you get for free with Easipay Flooring, this effect is even greater. When it comes to the winter months, there’s no flooring option more comfortable on bare feet than a nice, warm carpet.

Carpet Benefit #3: Sound Dampening

In addition to insulating the warmth inside your home, carpets also insulate against sound. Carpet fibres soak up sound waves bouncing around the room, so if your evening routine is curling up on the soda watching TV, there’ll be better sound quality in the room due to less echo. If you’re insulating a bedroom, the sounds from within the bedroom will also travel less around the home. Ideal, when you have teenagers with gaming consoles!

Carpet Benefit #4: Allergy Assistance

Many people perhaps don’t make the link from allergies to things such as dust and pollen to the flooring they have. While it’s true that hard flooring can be wiped and mopped, carpets have the unique ability to trap dust and pollen in the fibres until you vacuum. With hard flooring types these instead would land on the floor and then be swept back up from slight breezes or even changing temperatures near radiators. The result is less sniffles and antihistamines!

All Things Considered:

When people think of what they want under their feet, a lot still head to the carpet section and it’s as popular now as it ever was. Whether you want the thick, sink your toes in kind or one that’s practical and hard-wearing, we’ve got you covered.

Not only does a carpet look great, it can make a room warm and cosy by reducing interior drafts and keeping noise levels down. And of course it’s the original non-slip surface for anyone who’s a bit older or younger and needs to be steadier underfoot.

So what do you fancy? Are you in the neutral one colour is best camp, or do you think bold is beautiful? Are you creating a space that’s classic or contemporary? Whatever your taste, you can be sure our range of carpets has something for everyone.

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