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The Many Benefits Of Stone Plastic Composite Flooring

And the benefits of purchasing your SPC the Easipay Way!

Stone Plastic Composite Flooring - The Strength Stone, The Beauty Of Wood.

SPC Flooring, otherwise known as Stone Plastic Composite, is a luxury flooring type that’s considered the “next” generation of vinyl flooring, in the same way that LVT progressed from standard vinyl flooring. The name is a good indication of how it’s constructed. Typically limestone and polymers are fused together to create this flooring type and the advantages that brings over other flooring types are many. Let’s take a look at a few of the main benefits of SPC flooring. 


SPC Benefit #1: Stability and Resistance

Like LVT, Stone Plastic Composite flooring resists water very well and you’ll rarely have an issue with this flooring in rooms such as bathrooms and wet rooms where spills on the floor are very common. SPC flooring has a wear layer to keep the flooring in good condition, this layer is also UV resistant. It has a vinyl, decorative layer to give it its appearance. It has a structural layer made from a mixture of plastic and stone powder to give it impressive strength and then a foam layer underneath to act as an underlay. 

Where LVT struggles as a flooring for underfloor heating due to temperature changes, SPC Flooring thrives. The stone content of the flooring helps trap in the warmth too, so you’ll truly feel like you’re on cloud 9 as you walk across this flooring. It also wont expand and contract anywhere near other flooring types can, so you don’t need to leave expansion spaces around the edges of the room. 

SPC Benefit #2: Gorgeous Aesthetics

SPC comes in wooden or stone appearances much like LVT. As technology has increased over the past decade or so, the accuracy and detail in both of these decorative layers is impeccable and the illusion of both textures is reinforced by an embossed texture to the top layer of the flooring so it feels as lifelike as it looks. 

You can opt for a stone tile effect in the bathroom for elegance and a sense of peace which will help you unwind after a long and stressful day. You could opt for a wooden appearance in kitchens and dining rooms for a contemporary or rustic look. 

SPC Benefit #3: High Durability

Stone Plastic Composite Flooring has a thick protective “wear” layer which is scratch resistant and due to the blend of plastic and stone, the flooring will also last well under heavy foot traffic. Because of this SPC is also a great option for business settings as well as homes. SPC is also practically waterproof making it ideal for rooms where moisture is likely, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. It’s also fully resistant to most spilled drinks or dropped food. 

Where vinyl would be unsuitable for dining rooms and the constant dragging out and pulling in of chairs, Stone Plastic Composite would work well as the wear layer is thicker so any scraping or dragging of furniture should be resisted. 

SPC Benefit #4: Easy To Clean

One of the most regularly appreciated benefits of SPC flooring is its ease when cleaning. Spillages can be wiped up easily, dropped food that would otherwise stain, such as sauces, are also easily wiped away. At most you’ll likely only need a damp cloth to remove any accidents completely. 

If your home features pets or children, it might be worth investing in SPC flooring for many of the rooms of your house! 

All Things Considered:

Stone Plastic Composite flooring is an amazingly hard-wearing everyday option for any and every environment, thanks to its combination of limestone (calcium carbonate), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) powder and a stabilising agent.

If you like vinyl flooring you’ll love SPC – it’s got everything you want from a vinyl, and then some. We have an impressive selection for you to browse through, and they’re all totally waterproof with a reassuringly safe anti-slip finish, so you can take your pick knowing that whatever you choose will handle anything your busy life can throw down.

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about upstairs or downstairs, domestic or commercial, there’s an SPC finish that’s got your name on it.

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