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Blog Banner: Can carpets be fitter in a room with furniture?

Can Carpets Be Fitted Alongside Furniture?

When it comes to giving your home a fresh look, installing a new carpet can dramatically change a room’s ambiance and comfort level. However, the process of fitting a new carpet raises an important question for many homeowners: “Can carpets be fitted with furniture in the room?” Let’s explore this topic in detail, offering insights into the fitting process and the importance of room preparation.

How Are Carpets Fitted?

Fitting a carpet involves several key steps to ensure a snug and precise installation. Initially, the old carpet is removed, and the floor underneath is thoroughly cleaned. Next, new underlay is often laid down to provide cushioning and support. The new carpet is then rolled out, trimmed, and securely attached at the edges of the room, ensuring it’s stretched tightly to prevent any wrinkles or movement. This meticulous process requires space and precision, which is significantly facilitated by having an empty room.

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Why Is It Important To Clear The Room Before Fitting?

Clearing the room is crucial for several reasons:

  • Safety: Reduces the risk of damage to furniture and injury to the fitters or homeowners.
  • Quality: Ensures a tighter fit of the carpet, as obstacles can impede proper stretching and fitting.
  • Efficiency: Allows fitters to work faster and more effectively, minimizing disruptions and delays.

The Ideal Scenario: An Empty Room

Ideally, for a carpet to be fitted correctly, the room should be empty. This means removing all furniture, breakables, and electricals that could obstruct the process or potentially be damaged. An empty room allows carpet fitters to work efficiently, ensuring that the new carpet is laid smoothly and without interruption.

Practical Considerations

Moving Furniture

While an empty room is ideal, the reality of moving heavy furniture can be daunting. Skilled carpet fitters can work around furniture if necessary, employing a methodical approach to ensure the entire floor is covered efficiently, without the need to remove all furniture from the room.

Handling Bulky Items

For bulky items such as wardrobes or bookcases, it’s advised to empty these in advance, making them easier and safer to move, thereby reducing the risk of injury and preventing potential damage.

Preparing Your Room: A Checklist

  1. Move Furniture Out of the Room: To provide necessary work space.
  2. Secure Breakable Items: Protect your belongings by removing them from the work area.
  3. Remove Your Old Carpet: Facilitate the installation of the new carpet by preparing the surface.

Should I Choose Something Heavy Duty Or Smaller For A Carpet Cleaner?

When deciding between a heavy-duty industrial cleaner and a smaller cleaner, consider the size of the area you need to clean and the level of soil and stains present in your carpets. Heavy-duty cleaners are ideal for large, heavily soiled carpets or commercial settings, but they may be more cumbersome to manoeuvre and require more storage space. Smaller cleaners are suitable for smaller areas or regular maintenance cleaning and are often more lightweight and compact for easier storage. 

In the average UK home, we’d side with a good quality smaller cleaner. You don’t need your own Rug Doctor Machine unless you’re wanting to share with friends and family.

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In Conclusion

While carpets can be fitted with furniture in the room, careful planning and preparation are key. Whether preparing the room yourself or utilizing specialized services, understanding the fitting process and the importance of room clearance will help ensure a smooth installation and a satisfying result.

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Still Got Questions? Here's 15 FAQs!

Yes, experienced fitters can work around furniture by moving it to one side of the room, fitting half the carpet, and then moving the furniture back to fit the other half. However, this may not be as efficient as clearing the room entirely.

Fitting carpet with furniture still in the room can increase the risk of damage to your furniture and the new carpet. It can also compromise the quality of the fit, potentially leading to bumps or uneven surfaces.

Consider hiring professional movers or request help from the carpet installation company. Some companies offer furniture moving as part of their services for an additional fee.

Carpet can be cut and trimmed around permanent fixtures. Fitters typically use special tools to tuck the edges neatly under toe kicks or along the edges of cabinets.

It’s best to remove all electronics and sensitive items from the room to protect them from dust, damage, or accidental exposure to tools and materials.

The duration depends on the size of the room and complexity of the job, but most residential carpet installations can be completed in one day, provided the room is prepared ahead of time.

The choice of underlay depends on the type of carpet and the level of foot traffic. Thicker, denser underlays are better for areas with higher traffic as they provide more cushioning and durability.

Yes, old carpet can often be recycled or donated if it’s in good condition. Check with local recycling canters or charitable organizations to see if they accept carpet donations.

If furniture is too heavy to move, discuss options with your carpet fitter. They may have equipment that can safely shift heavy items, or they might recommend sectioning the work.

Use furniture sliders to avoid dragging pieces across the new carpet. Place protective pads under furniture legs to prevent indentations.

Improperly fitted carpets can wear unevenly, look unsightly, and may need to be re-stretched or replaced sooner than expected.

Yes, cleaning the floor before installation removes dirt, debris, and old adhesive, providing a clean surface for the new carpet and underlay.

Inspect the carpet for any visible seams, make sure it lies flat without ripples, and check that the edges are neatly tucked into the baseboards.

Regular vacuuming, immediate stain removal, and periodic professional cleaning can extend the life and appearance of your new carpet.

The room should be dry with a normal humidity level to prevent the carpet from stretching or shrinking post-installation.