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How Easipay Flooring Is Making Stone Plastic Composite in Durham Affordable?

Affordable SPC (also known as either Stone Plastic Composite, or Solid Polymer Core) with Easipay Flooring, now expanded to Durham! We’ll help you discover the perfect, high-quality, highly durable flooring solution for your home. Our extensive range showcases top-tier options tailored to suit every budget and style, including affordable Laminate and luxury vinyl tile, exquisite carpets, vinyl, and stone plastic composite.

Our team of experienced representatives will personally visit your home, bringing an impressive selection of SPC samples to effortlessly complement your existing décor. With their expertise, they provide unbiased advice and recommend popular options from our diverse collection.

We understand the significance of budget flexibility. During the home visit, our meticulous approach includes precise measurements and a complimentary quote. You have the flexibility to choose between paying in full upfront or taking advantage of our interest-free payment plan, allowing you to comfortably manage the cost of your new SPC flooring.

Once payment is received, our skilled installers promptly and professionally complete the installation of your new SPC flooring. Their meticulous workmanship ensures a flawless result that surpasses your expectations.

Experience the allure of affordable luxury and the enduring beauty offered by Easipay Flooring. Transform your living spaces with stunning, high-quality flooring that perfectly aligns with your style and budget. Contact us now to schedule your personalized home visit and embark on the first step towards achieving an awe-inspiring new floor.

Your Convenience, Prioritised.

We'll Come To You

We can visit you when you're free, bring all our samples and let you match them with your existing décor.

Free Measuring

Our brilliant Reps will measure up for you and give you the best quote for your flooring as standard!

Pay How You Want

You can either purchase your flooring in one go, or you can opt for multiple rooms and pay it all off over time, interest free!

Interest Free Credit

All of our payment plans are completely interest free. There's also no Credit Checks and you can even get free underlay if needed!

Fitting Arranged

When it's time to fit your flooring, we've got highly trained teams that will ensure everything is fit perfectly, with care.

Expert Service

From our Knowledgeable Reps, to our Kind and Friendly Admin Teams, to our Highly Trained Installers. You'll have expert help every step of the way.

Benefits Of SPC Flooring

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is a premium flooring option that combines the natural beauty of stone with the durability of composite materials. With its authentic stone-like appearance, SPC flooring offers a luxurious and elegant aesthetic that can enhance any space. 

Its unique composition makes it highly resistant to scratches, stains, and impact, ensuring long-lasting durability in high-traffic areas. SPC flooring is also 100% waterproof, making it suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Enjoy the charm of natural stone without the maintenance and cost, and choose SPC flooring for a sophisticated and resilient flooring solution.

Benefits of Easipay

Easipay Flooring let’s Durham spread the cost of Stone Plastic Composite Flooring over time, making it easy to budget for any family or household. Aside from this, we’re committed to packing in as much value as possible! As such, each of our customers benefits from:

  • A low cost, pay weekly or monthly flooring plan.
  • Interest free, forever. 
  • Free Underlay where needed.
  • No Credit Checks.
  • Free Carpet Grippers and Door Trims Where Applicable.

What Happens After Getting In Touch

Your Home Visit

Our Flooring Expert will come out at a time suitable to you. They’ll help you pick out your dream floor and bring our SPC flooring collection (And more if you’re not set on SPC!) with them. You’ll be able to browse through them in the comfort of your old home. This way, you can match your new flooring to existing furniture and wallpaper. 

The flooring expert will also be able to help with friendly, no obligation advice. They can then measure up, create a plan and give you your free quote!

Ways To Pay

We’re making it easier than ever for anyone to get their perfect flooring. You can either choose to pay outright for your order, or you can spread the cost of it all through either weekly or monthly instalments – whichever works best for you!

When you spread the cost of your SPC flooring, we’ll create a payment plan suited to you and what you can afford, so there’s no breaking of any banks. We offer interest free monthly payments and we keep it all as simple and easy as possible. There’s no hidden charges or interest with our plans. 

Booking Your Install Date

The only thing we ask before we fit your new SPC flooring, is that we know you can keep within the payment plan if that’s how you’re choosing to pay. Once you’ve got the first scheduled payment down, we’ll book your flooring fitting at a time and date that fits your schedule. We ask that you move as much furniture out of the way as you can, but don’t worry if you can’t – our fitters are pros at manual handling!

After Fitment

Once your SPC flooring is installed, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax. But also maintain the payment plan! If we’ve done you proud you can also leave a review for us on Trustpilot or Google, along with the 2200+ other 5 Star Reviews we have!

Reviews For Easipay Flooring

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Leanne Christy

Brilliant service very happy with my new flooring I had my stairs carpeted and my hallway and kitchen vinyled and I’m so happy it’s like I have a new house. The fitters were there on time and cleaned up any mess and were very helpful . I would most definitely use easy pay carpets again xxx

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Kirsty Moldy

Easipay carpets Ltd have been helpful and always kept me up to date with you my order and fitting day. The fitters where friendly and did a great job fitting my vinyl.


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5 Stars google icon

Kate Holliday

The fitters were amazing. The account team were very understanding with my financial issues on one of my payments no pressure at all just total respect from the customer service team. Fast and sufficient fitting and I definitely recommend them


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5 Stars google icon

Tara Delaney

I’ve had my Lino and carpet done and absolutely would highly recommend easipay carpets they do an amazing job and very friendly I’ve made another appointment for my laminate that am very much looking forward too.


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5 Stars google icon

Megan Knorr

Was a good experience from start to finish. Ross the rep came round and measured up everything I needed completing as well as bringing all the samples, then the fitters came within a short few weeks after the appointment and were very quick and competent, they cleared up any mess and left it tidy in bags, would definitely recommend and will use again!


The 4 Easipay Steps To Affordable SPC

Book Your Appointment

Our Durham based surveyor will show you each of our high quality SPC samples, measure up and create your payment plan.

Pay Your Deposit

We require a small deposit, either up front or through your payment plan before we can install your new SPC Flooring.

Book Your Fitting

Call us up to book a fitting date that works for you, our highly trained Durham fitting team will come to your home and fit your brand new SPC Flooring!

Enjoy Your SPC

Enjoy amazing durability, resistance and style with your new Stone Plastic Composite flooring and keep up with your small weekly payments.

Flooring That's Perfect For Every Room

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer flooring suitable for any home or property, each in a range of price points. Currently we offer:

  • Carpets
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • SPC (also known as either Stone Plastic Composite or Solid Polymer Core)
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Each have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re unsure which flooring type you’d like, our rep can bring samples of each along and discuss which flooring would work best in specific rooms for you, your family, your pets and your lifestyle. 

We do! Flooring fitting with any flooring purchased from Easipay is an additional service, and we can give you a quote for that at the home visit once we know what flooring types you want and the size of the room(s). You’re also welcome to just buy the carpet/flooring from us and either fit it yourself or use your own flooring fitter. 

When your flooring is fitted, depending on the types of flooring you’ve got you’ll be sent a care guide either via email or the fitters will leave it with you. 

In general though, all flooring needs is regular cleaning once a week (vacuuming for carpets) and avoid using harsh chemicals on your flooring. 

If you’ve got any furry pets then you’ll want to go for a short loop carpet. Pet hair is usually a lot easier to vacuum up with this carpet type. 

Short loops are also beneficial because they’re much less likely to snag on claws too. 

If you’ve got pet fish, they’re a lot less bothered about carpet types, but water can be an issue. If you’re worried about spills from tank maintenance, then opting for something like Vinyl flooring might be a better choice.

This depends on how you pay. If you’re paying outright, we can usually have the carpets cut or flooring prepared to be fitted the next week depending on busy that particular week is. 

If you’re paying in instalments, we just ask to see one of the payment plan instalments go through so we know the plan is set up before we book you in for fitting. 

Typically with both, it’s under 10 days from payment.

This entirely depends on the individual. We think it’s better though. Here’s why:

  • Our plans are interest free, you’re just paying off the cost of the flooring in more affordable payments.
  • We don’t perform credit checks – as long as we see you can afford the payments, that’s all we need.
  • You get free underlay with suitable flooring.
  • You can decide later if you want to pay the rest of the plan off in one go. 

The shopping side is the same whether you want to pay in full or over time – our rep comes out with our samples so you can pick something that matches your home, they’ll measure up for free and give you a quote. 

If you want to pay over time, we set up a payment plan around your budget and after your first payment we’ll book you in for fitting. 

We’ll always give you the lowest figure for instalments, and you can increase this if you want to pay the plan off sooner. 

No. We don’t believe in “admin charges” and things of that nature. Your payment plan is just the overall cost of the flooring you want, split up into regular payments. There’s no interest or extra charges involved. 

The only extra cost involved is the fitting cost, which goes directly to our fitters when they fit your flooring.

As a company we try to tailor everything around our customers – payment plans are the same. You can choose how often to pay. 

Most people match their own income schedule, some prefer to have one monthly “bill week”. It’s up to you. 

You can pay weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly.

The payments will be split up depending on how often you intend to pay.

Yep! The payment plan is just the cost of your flooring split up into regular payments – any payments you make come straight off this plan. If you want to up your regular payments, or just make a one off larger payment, this will reduce the length of your plan. 

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