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Pay Weekly Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring In Withernsea

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Why Choose LVT Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has become a favoured flooring option due to its numerous advantages. First and foremost, LVT is incredibly durable, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and resisting stains, moisture, and scratches. Its long-lasting nature ensures minimal maintenance and a lasting investment.

Aesthetically, LVT offers a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns, often convincingly replicating the look of natural materials like hardwood, stone, or ceramic tiles. This flexibility allows homeowners and commercial spaces to achieve the desired aesthetic without the associated costs and maintenance of genuine materials.

Additionally, LVT provides comfort and warmth underfoot, making it a comfortable choice for walking, sitting, or standing. It can even be paired with underfloor heating systems for added cosiness.

Why Choose Easipay Flooring?

Easipay Flooring let’s you spread the cost of your new, high quality LVT flooring over time, making it easy to budget for Withernsea families and household. Aside from this, we’re committed to packing in as much value as possible! As such, each of our customers benefits from:

  • A low cost, pay weekly or monthly flooring plan.
  • Interest free, forever. 
  • No Credit Checks.
  • No Credit Limit.
  • Free Door Trims.

Your Convenience, Prioritised.

We'll Come To You

We can visit you when you're free, bring all our LVT samples and let you match them with your existing décor.

Free Measuring

Our brilliant Withernsea Reps will measure up for you and give you the best quote for your flooring as standard!

Pay How You Want

You can either purchase your flooring in one go, or you can opt for multiple rooms and pay it all off over time, interest free!

Interest Free Credit

All of our payment plans are completely interest free. There's also no Credit Checks and no Credit Limit!

Fitting Arranged

When it's time to fit your flooring, we've got highly trained teams that will ensure everything is fit perfectly, with care.

Expert Service

From our Knowledgeable Reps, to our Kind and Friendly Admin Teams, to our Highly Trained Installers. You'll have expert help every step of the way.

Luxury Vinyl Made Affordable In Withernsea With Pay Weekly LVT Plans!

Luxury Vinyl Tile is taking over as one of the most popular mid-range flooring choices! This is down to its many benefits including Durability, Aesthetic Appeal, Comfort and how Cost Effective it is to other highly durable flooring such as stone or hardwood. Even thought it’s already cost effective, we take things a step further! Our Pay Weekly LVT plans in Withernsea let you spread the cost of your new vinyl flooring over time, with small weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments! 

There’s no credit checks for any of our customers, and unlike many companies who offer pay weekly solutions, there’s no credit limit. We simply ask that you can afford the payments before you start your plan with us. 

All of our pay weekly LVT, carpet, laminate, vinyl and SPC flooring plans are interest free – you’ll only pay what the flooring cost and every payment you make on the plan comes directly off the balance. 

Where underlay is required, such as carpets and laminate flooring, we’ll include it for free. We’ll also include carpet grippers and under door trim for free too!

Once you apply, we’ll get our Withernsea representative to pop by at a time that suits you to show you samples of any flooring you’d like. While they’re there they’ll measure up and work out the full cost for the flooring, then help you break the costs down into a payment plan that fits your budget. 

Once payment is received or your first plan payment is made, we will promptly arrange for the professional installation of your Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring. Our skilled installers possess expertise in delivering top-notch workmanship, ensuring that your new flooring is flawlessly installed.

Experience the affordable luxury offered by Easipay Flooring today. Let us transform your home with stunning, high-quality flooring that perfectly aligns with your style and budget requirements. To apply, please fill out the form above!

What Happens After Getting In Touch

Your Home Visit

Our Withernsea Flooring Expert will come out at a time suitable to you. They’ll help you pick out your dream floor and bring our LVT collection with them. You’ll be able to browse through them in the comfort of your old home. This way, you can match your new flooring to existing furniture and wallpaper. 

The flooring expert will also be able to help with friendly, no obligation advice. They can then measure up, create a plan and give you your free quote!

Ways To Pay

We’re making it easier than ever for anyone to get their perfect LVT flooring. You can either choose to pay outright for your order, or you can spread the cost of it all through either weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments – whichever works best for you!

When you spread the cost of your LVT, we’ll create a payment plan suited to you and what you can afford, so you can stick to your monthly budgets. We offer interest free payments and we keep it all as simple and easy as possible. There’s no hidden charges or interest with our plans. 

Booking Your Install Date

The only thing we ask before we fit your new flooring, is that we know you can keep within the payment plan. Once we’ve received your first payment, we’ll book your LVT fitting at a time and date that fits your schedule. We ask that you move as much furniture out of the way as you can to make it easier to fit the flooring!

After Fitment

Once your flooring is installed, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax. But also maintain the payment plan! If we’ve done you proud you can also leave a review for us on Trustpilot or Google, along with the several thousand other 5 Star Reviews we have!

Ways To Enquire

Apply Online

Applying online is the easiest option - just fill out the contact form at the top of this page and we'll get in touch with you!

Give Us A Call

Tap the icon and give us a call to discuss our flooring, set up a home visit or discuss how the payment plans work!

Reviews For Easipay Flooring

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Kerry Marie

Recommend Easipay Flooring to any one. Really good service. Fitters were on time worked really fast and did a brilliant job. Really happy 
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5 Stars google icon

Kirsty Moldy

Easipay Flooring have been helpful and always kept me up to date with you my order and fitting day. The fitters where friendly and did a great job fitting my vinyl.

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5 Stars google icon

Jenny Walsh

Great floor fitters nice and reliable done the job brilliantly will be ordering again and recommending to friends very pleased with the finishing result.
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5 Stars google icon

Emma Baker

Absolutely in love with my new bathroom flooring, the fitters and man that came to measure the room were all very friendly also and at such an affordable price weekly this is the 2nd time I’ve used this company
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5 Stars google icon

Amy Russel

Absolutely love my new flooring the guys who came to fit was polite and well mannered, done an amazing job thank you

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer flooring suitable for any home or property, each in a range of price points. Currently we offer:

  • Carpets
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring
  • SPC (also known as either Stone Plastic Composite or Solid Polymer Core)
  • LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile)

Each have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you’re unsure which flooring type you’d like, our rep can bring samples of each along and discuss which flooring would work best in specific rooms for you, your family, your pets and your lifestyle. 

We do! Flooring fitting with any flooring purchased from Easipay is an additional service, and we can give you a quote for that at the home visit once we know what flooring types you want and the size of the room(s). You’re also welcome to just buy the carpet/flooring from us and either fit it yourself or use your own flooring fitter. 

When your flooring is fitted, depending on the types of flooring you’ve got you’ll be sent a care guide either via email or the fitters will leave it with you. 

In general though, all flooring needs is regular cleaning once a week (vacuuming for carpets) and avoid using harsh chemicals on your flooring. 

If you’ve got any furry pets then you’ll want to go for a short loop carpet. Pet hair is usually a lot easier to vacuum up with this carpet type. 

Short loops are also beneficial because they’re much less likely to snag on claws too. 

If you’ve got pet fish, they’re a lot less bothered about carpet types, but water can be an issue. If you’re worried about spills from tank maintenance, then opting for something like Vinyl flooring might be a better choice.

This depends on how you pay. If you’re paying outright, we can usually have the carpets cut or flooring prepared to be fitted the next week depending on busy that particular week is. 

If you’re paying in instalments, we just ask to see one of the payment plan instalments go through so we know the plan is set up before we book you in for fitting. 

Typically with both, it’s under 10 days from payment.

This entirely depends on the individual. We think it’s better though. Here’s why:

  • Our plans are interest free, you’re just paying off the cost of the flooring in more affordable payments.
  • We don’t perform credit checks – as long as we see you can afford the payments, that’s all we need.
  • You get free underlay with suitable flooring.
  • You can decide later if you want to pay the rest of the plan off in one go. 

The shopping side is the same whether you want to pay in full or over time – our rep comes out with our samples so you can pick something that matches your home, they’ll measure up for free and give you a quote. 

If you want to pay over time, we set up a payment plan around your budget and after your first payment we’ll book you in for fitting. 

We’ll always give you the lowest figure for instalments, and you can increase this if you want to pay the plan off sooner. 

No. We don’t believe in “admin charges” and things of that nature. Your payment plan is just the overall cost of the flooring you want, split up into regular payments. There’s no interest or extra charges involved. 

The only extra cost involved is the fitting cost, which goes directly to our fitters when they fit your flooring.

As a company we try to tailor everything around our customers – payment plans are the same. You can choose how often to pay. 

Most people match their own income schedule, some prefer to have one monthly “bill week”. It’s up to you. 

You can pay weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly or monthly.

The payments will be split up depending on how often you intend to pay.

Yep! The payment plan is just the cost of your flooring split up into regular payments – any payments you make come straight off this plan. If you want to up your regular payments, or just make a one off larger payment, this will reduce the length of your plan. 

The 4 Easipay Steps To Affordable LVT Flooring

Book Your Appointment

Our Withernsea surveyor will show you each of our high quality LVT samples, measure up and create your payment plan.

Pay Your Deposit

We require a small deposit, either up front or through your payment plan before we can install your new LVT flooring.

Book Your Fitting

Call us up to book a fitting date that works for you, one of our highly trained team will come to your home and fit your brand new LVT!

Enjoy Your LVT

Enjoy your brand new LVT flooring and keep up with your small weekly payments.

Flooring That's Perfect For Every Room

Laminate Flooring

dog laid on rug on laminate flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Contemporary kitchen featuring luxury vinyl flooring with white cabinets and light grey kitchen table and chairs

SPC Flooring

Living room with grey sofa on muted grey rug featuring SPC flooring, muted brown tones

Pay Weekly Carpets

Living room featuring premium grey carpet and light brown sofas

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